Neutral Offset Programs

Neutral offers you the option to offset your footprint by choosing from national (U.S.) or global offset programs. Choose from one of the options below.

National Carbon Offset Program

This offset group features 3 offset projects located in the United States, which drive local environmental and economic benefits in communities around the country. Our team curated this collection to provide members with access to high-impact projects that further emission reduction goals in the renewable wind, industrial emissions, and forest management sectors in the United States.

Renewable Energy Projects

Crow Lake Wind Farm Project, South Dakota

ACTION: This is the largest wind project owned solely by a cooperative in the United States with turbines that are used to educate future wind technicians.

IMPACT: As well as supporting a renewable energy source, this project helps to fund the education of future renewable energy experts.

Industrial Emissions/Energy Efficiency Projects

Nitrous Oxide Abatement Project, Geismar, Louisiana

 ACTION: This project, the "Geismar Nitric Acid Plant,” captures pollutants from nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphatic fertilizers. With every 100 pounds captured, only 1.5 will be emitted into the atmosphere - a 98.5% reduction.

IMPACT: This plant's modifications will prevent the annual release of 15 million pounds of hydrogen fluoride, a hazardous air pollutant that is a byproduct of phosphoric acid production.

Forestry Projects

Winston Creek forest management project, Washington State.

ACTION: This privately owned 10,000 acre forest addresses greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the forest’s ability to sequester carbon.

IMPACT: By using environmentally sustainable practices that involve extending forest harvest rotation age by twenty years, this forest owner is doubling the forest impact and biomass.

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