Our Story

What does it mean to be Neutral?

Like you, we are deeply concerned about climate change.

They say a single spark can start a forest fire, but it can also jolt a movement into action.

One day, you pick up that piece of trash instead of walking past it. You get a reusable water bottle. You drive a hybrid car. You plant your own vegetables. 

But you still feel like you could do more...

Here's your chance to take action. 

For us, Neutral doesn’t mean being impartial β€” quite the opposite. Neutral means taking a stand.

With your help, we can support verified, independent carbon offset projects around the world. 🌳 🌎 🌲

Everyone will play a role. Join us.

We believe that offsetting your carbon footprint is a great first step.

We help you measure your personal carbon footprint, then give you the tools to offset your impact.

Our team curated a collection of offset projects to give you access to high-impact projects that further emission reduction goals across:

🌎 Renewables and Wind

🏭 Industrial Emissions

🌲 Forest Management

Ready to live
carbon neutral?